If you want to know how to jailbreak PS3 using a updated PS3 jailbreak 4.11, then we have found the fastest, easiest and safest strategy offered.

The PS3 has gigantic potential, but Sony only allows you to have access to a very modest part of that. Playstations may become highly effective computers and do many things that actually your Mac or PC won’t be able to.

PS3 jailbreak will enable your PS3 the power to:

  • Have a windows or Mac OS
  • Run a USB mouse and keyboard
  • Play more game titles, free games, burned video games etc
  • Thousands of popular applications and software programs
  • Manage Nintendo, Sega, Atari games plus more
  • Utilize preferred web browsers like firefox & internet explorer
  • Play all forms of media; music, videos and more

How To Jailbreak PS3

I will show you how you can use and install a PS3 jailbreak 4.11 – updated to the most current update. I have created a simple step-by-step tutorial for you to adhere to so you can jailbreak your PS3 4.11.

Once you learn the way to use the PS3 Jailbreak 4.11 remember to share the good news with your friends and other people who need to know how to do this and recommend our site. I hope that you’ll enjoy all the new functions of your PS3 after using the PS3 jailbreak. Let’s get started and learn how to jailbreak ps3 4.11.

Simple PS3 jailbreak steps:

  1. First of all you will need to download the PS3 Jailbreak 4.11 by clicking Here or download buttons are located at the top of the page also
  2. Next step is to extract files onto a brand new and/or reformatted clean USB stick
  3. Create a directory folder titled UPDATE on your USB stick
  4. Move PS3 Jailbreak to the directory UPDATE that you just created on the USB stick
  5. Plug the USB stick into your PS3
  6. Navigate to Settings Tab
  7. Choose System Update
  8. Choose Update via Storage Media
  9. Choose OK
  10. Accept Conditions and Install Update
  11. After less than a minute, your PS3 will update, beep 4 times then shut down.
  12. Power up your PS3 (You will have to do it on the console and not by the controller)
  13. Your PS3 is now jailbroken! You can now insert any game and backup as many games into you PS3 Hard drive then you can launch them anytime.

PS3 Jailbreak Download:

PS3 Jailbreak Download

PS3 Jailbreak Status:

What Can I Do With A PS3 Jailbreak?

Using only a USB drive along with a software exploit, the PS3 Jailbreak apparently does what numerous have tried doing before it: making it possible for unauthorized software – as well as backups – to perform within the PS3.

The good thing about the exploit is it makes all the PS3 run games the same as it’s a debug console. This means you can run your authentic backups from either the internal HDD, or over USB from an external one. This is obviously a cool trick, and something that PS3 users happen to be desiring since Firefox was cool.

Best of all? It runs on any firmware version, and simply when the USB drive is inserted in a port, meaning you won’t void your warranty utilizing it.

Running Windows:

Thousands of widely used Windows based apps and software programs now have Linux compatible versions, because of popular demand.

The original Windows itself can even be set up on a Jailbroken PS3 being a separate operating system.

When considering this, many prefer to run the widely used Linux-based Windows emulator called WineHQ. The clever design of WineHQ means that running it (Windows) and the applications within, is not going to cost you processing speed and in many cases, this task runs quicker that the PC version.

Internet Browsers:

Everyone seems to be fed up with that irritating web browser that accompanies the standard PS3 operating system. Most likely the beauty of a Playstation 3 that is Jailbroken with Linux, is being able to run Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

So beyond that, take into account all of your favorite internet sites and web-based applications – those too can all be used on your PS3.

Crazy Games:

For a lot of people, (much like us) the typical array of PS3 games just isn’t sufficient to satisfy their cravings. Linux supplies the facility to operate old-school (and new) emulators such as MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator).

 “Gamers are going insane over MAME games, like those from original Nintendo, SNES, Atari, Neo Geo, Sega and original Playstation.”

Consider all of the burned PS3 games, windows games and emulation games. You will find basically enough choices to keep you playing for a lifetime.

Music, Videos and Everything In between:

When it’s possible to play nearly every single file type in existence, there is no limit as to the discs and files may be used with your PS3. The many files that your Mac OS or Windows aren’t able to execute, Linux welcomes with open arms.

Manage all of the above by using a wireless (usb receiver) keyboard and mouse should you so choose.

Download PS3 Jailbreak Now:
PS3 Jailbreak Download

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